Beach Please Lilac Dress

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Summer lilac dress

Sun-kissed back, neckline, legs, and that powdery shade of violet. Say what you will, but the tension is rising. You can tie it in several ways, and each one sparkles. Wear it classic-style on your shoulders, on your neck, or crisscrossed. Why? Just because. The long drawstrings allow you to adjust what and how you want to reveal.

The dress features a girly ruffle at the bottom, with a mini DNNS smiley face patch on the back. No lining, no pockets, no worries.

It's perfect for the beach, a summer soiree, a date night.

Pair it with boots, heels, sneakers, or flip-flops. Or go barefoot. You could say it's a fashion statement. But we all know it's world domination.

Technical details - made from the best fabric for those who value comfort and practicality, and appreciate when their clothes maintain their shape and color. Plus, they don't wrinkle - that's right, it's like polyester wannabe silk. Weighing in at 105g. The cut is roomy, flowy, flaring towards the bottom, with a slightly longer back.

Wash it with ease, handle it gently, and keep it relaxed. 30 degrees is more than enough.


Every excuse to step out of your home is a good one. And the Beach Please dress is the perfect choice.


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