Vacation Forever Sage Dress

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Summer sage dress

Every excuse to leave the house is a good one. And the Vacation Forever dress is just the thing.

You can tie it in several ways, and each one sparkles. Classic on the shoulders or crossed over. Why? Just because. You can adjust the length with the drawstrings, revealing your thighs. The same goes for the neckline and back.

No lining, no pockets, no worries.

Perfect for the beach, a party, a date night.

Pair it with boots, heels, sneakers, or flip-flops. Or nothing at all. You could say it's a fashion statement. But, we all know it's world domination.

Technical details - 63% lyocell, 35% viscose, 2% elastane.

Wash it gently, with care, and relaxed. 30 degrees is more than enough.


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