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Everything is designed
Few things are designed well

Warsaw based lifestyle fashion label dedicated to all boards lovers

We Ride
We Surf
We Shred
We Fly
We do Awesome
We do Loud
We do Fun
Wake Robisz riley - 10% off. Kod GETIT Heliboarding Be more visible. Surfing Zicatela Beach evening. Sk8 You wear a skinny jeans pays 10% extra. ;-)


Long-awaited motif of boardsports we've tried and managed not to break our limbs on!

We are very happy with the entire process of creating this product. Remote cooperation with DXTR - a graphic designer from Berlin, who literally read our mind and drew our ideas straighaway. The printing guy copied the colours and ensured proper saturation to avoid shell-effect. The T-shirt is very comfy. Worn-out effect vintage cotton, you don't need to wash it in 90 degrees and rub with pumice, we've done it for you. Each T-shirt is accompanied by a cardboard which rolls ideally into a filter for cigarette papers. The string is not eco but it looks great and we had to somehow attach the cardboard to the T-shirt. T-shirts are packed into pizza boxes full of DNNS motifs and are tagged accordingly.

DNNS Pizza Box

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